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These PR Tips Can Help You Reinvent Employee Communications

Posted by Kelly Allen on Nov 20, 2017

If your email notices, wellness campaigns, and employee announcements aren’t gaining traction and getting employees to take action on important items like signing up for benefits, it might be time to change your approach. Consider how incorporating some of the best practices from the field of public relations into your communication strategy can improve engagement and encourage employees to take action.

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5 Common Mistakes HR Pros Make When Implementing HCM Software

Posted by Kelly Allen on Oct 25, 2017

Streamlining processes, improving file management, avoiding duplication, empowering employees, and helping recruit new employees more efficiently sounds like an easy YES! But, before you sign up for human capital management software, consider your transition strategy. We’ve helped thousands of companies successfully implement payroll/HR platforms, and we’ve seen it all. Avoid these five mistakes for a smooth transition!

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Topics: Human Capital Management

What is Human Capital Management?

Posted by Kelly Allen on Sep 20, 2017

Would you subscribe to multiple accounting software platforms? Deploy two different point-of-sale systems? Probably not. But when it comes to human resources, using a variety of systems is common practice.

Many of today’s HR departments have a mix of digital tools such as online recruitment and applicant tracking software, an online benefits enrollment system through their broker, and yet a separate platform for payroll.  

When the various platforms don’t integrate, it can mean additional time to download and upload files, or maintain a set of spreadsheets to analyze data and create reports. Sometimes HR processes are made even more complicated by the existence of paper-based processes.

So what is human capital management (HCM), and how can it solve HR challenges like these?

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