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Magic numbers: Employee counts and federal employer reporting

Posted by Melanie Crow on Feb 17, 2016

Growing your business means you’ve got a to-do list that multiplies, seemingly overnight. Let’s knock a few things off that list, with simple employer reporting guidelines based on employee counts and helpful links to corresponding forms. 

1+ employee(s) and payroll tax reporting

Congratulations! You’re on your way. Here are all the basic federal payroll tax forms you’ll need to file if you have one or more employees. You can also review the 2016 IRS document “Employer’s Tax Guide” – if you dare.

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Topics: Employer Basics

The Right Way to Evaluate Outsourcing Options

Posted by Melanie Crow on Aug 21, 2015

In the beginning of a business venture, entrepreneurs wear many hats. Business owners handle marketing, sales, operations, accounting and finance often single-handedly. As a business grows it is unrealistic to maintain that level of involvement in everything from long-term strategy to personally completing all the daily tasks that make a business hum.

That’s when you begin to carefully select individuals, experts in their areas with a heart for your company’s mission and goals, to form a team to take your business even further. Inevitably members of your team urge you to the realization that it makes sense to look at outsourcing a specific business function. And they’re right!

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Topics: Small Business

You’ve Hired Your First Employee: Don’t Skip the Essential Next Steps

Posted by Melanie Crow on Jul 22, 2015

Starting your own business is an exciting endeavor that requires, initiative, discipline and the ability to answer to naysayers without letting it steer you off course. When you feel that your business is ready to bring on its first employee, it can be a milestone worth celebrating but it can also be intimidating. You may wonder, “What information am I required to collect from an employee? What notices or information am I obligated to provide? What are the rules around paying workers?”

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Topics: Small Business

Straight Talk on ACA Compliance: IRS Forms 1094 & 1095

Posted by Melanie Crow on Jul 14, 2015

Reporting and filing IRS forms 1094 and 1095 is a new Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirement for 2015 that communicates the offer and coverage of health insurance for each of your employees. Though this reporting technically happens in 2016, that doesn’t mean you can put it off. In order to file on time and minimize any fines related to the employer shared responsibility provision of the ACA, there’s data you need to be monitoring now. Don’t panic - there’s plenty of confusing information out there – which certainly doesn’t help. But forms 1094 and 1095 aren’t much more complicated than the W-2s and W-3 you generate annually. And the good news is you’ve already got a team in place that can help.

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Topics: Affordable Care Act

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